Top 7 Reasons Why Teens Should Attend Summer Camp


If you are looking for a new activity for your teenager on his or her next summer vacation, why not consider a summer camp that has been designed with teenagers in mind?

Here are my top reasons for recommending this idea:

Making New Friends

Regardless of age, making new friends and expanding one’s social circle can be quite beneficial. If you have been sending your son or daughter to the same summer camp, they would have the same circle of friends and possibly add a new friend or two each time they come back.

Giving Back

Aside from learning to hone their skills in socialization since the other teenagers would most likely come from another school, most teenage summer camps create programs that are not usually encountered in a school environment.

This could be teaching younger kids, helping out in homeless shelters, or even building a house for a charitable organization.

Learning New Things

Depending on the type of summer camp your teen gets enrolled in, she or he would get a chance to learn new things. It might be horseback riding or an outdoor sports activity. This might even be a start to a brand-new interest.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a colleague tell a story about how his or her teenager went to summer camp and came back home with a new interest or hobby that didn’t involve electronic gadgets.

Renewed Faith

Is your teenager active in your local church? If yes, then consider a church-oriented summer camp. Think of it as a religious retreat that can either renew or deepen their faith. Organizers of church summer camps are more focused on deepening the faith of each participant.

Don’t be surprised when your teenagers come home with a deeper understanding and appreciation of your faith.

Keeping Active

Kids, particularly teenagers, almost always begin and end their day in front of a computer or a gadget that they are at risk of being unfit. By having them enter summer camp, they get their fair share of exercise through various outdoor activities.

Learning to be Independent

Every parent wants to teach their children the importance of being independent since they won’t always be around to help out. A summer camp is the perfect place to begin where they will be living independently for a week or more. This teaches them to be independent at an early stage of their adult life.

More Appreciative of Home Comforts

Summer camps are more focused on outdoor activities and less on the comforts that one usually has at home. When your son or daughter comes home from a summer camp, you’ll notice how they are more appreciative of the comforts your home provides.

Since they would probably have shared a room (and even a bathroom) with more than one teenager, they’ll be very appreciative of the privacy they get at home.

So, if you are thinking of something productive for your teenager to do this summer, aside from the usual house chores, why not consider a summer camp? Take the time to search and discuss this plan with your teenager. You want them to have fun…and not feel forced. Here’s to an enjoyable summer!

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