Are you planning to go camping, hiking, or some other outdoor activity? Here are some guides to help you get started or to remind you just what to bring even if you already have a checklist on hand.

Camping Essentials

An easy to download and print checklist that gives you a breakdown of the camping essentials that you should bring along on your camping trip. Brief, concise, and easy-to-read at a glance, you’ll wonder why you never thought of creating the same list.

Beginner’s Guide to Camping

Are you excited to go camping? I know I always am! If this is your first time to go camping, this guide would be your perfect companion to be well prepared for the upcoming activity. The tips I’ve provided will get you feeling like a seasoned camper in no time.

The Don’ts of Camping

You have the camping essentials ready and read the beginner’s guide to camping (even if you claim to be a seasoned camper), but do you have the don’ts list? This guide will provide you with the most common mistakes beginners maker. It is also a great reminder list for non-beginners.

Take note that the guide list is a work in progress. Keep updated with my guide list by subscribing to my blog.