Top 7 Reasons Why Teens Should Attend Summer Camp


If you are looking for a new activity for your teenager on his or her next summer vacation, why not consider a summer camp that has been designed with teenagers in mind?

Here are my top reasons for recommending this idea:

Making New Friends

Regardless of age, making new friends and expanding one’s social circle can be quite beneficial. If you have been sending your son or daughter to the same summer camp, they would have the same circle of friends and possibly add a new friend or two each time they come back.

Giving Back

Aside from learning to hone their skills in socialization since the other teenagers would most likely come from another school, most teenage summer camps create programs that are not usually encountered in a school environment.

This could be teaching younger kids, helping out in homeless shelters, or even building a house for a charitable organization.

Learning New Things

Depending on the type of summer camp your teen gets enrolled in, she or he would get a chance to learn new things. It might be horseback riding or an outdoor sports activity. This might even be a start to a brand-new interest.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a colleague tell a story about how his or her teenager went to summer camp and came back home with a new interest or hobby that didn’t involve electronic gadgets.

Renewed Faith

Is your teenager active in your local church? If yes, then consider a church-oriented summer camp. Think of it as a religious retreat that can either renew or deepen their faith. Organizers of church summer camps are more focused on deepening the faith of each participant.

Don’t be surprised when your teenagers come home with a deeper understanding and appreciation of your faith.

Keeping Active

Kids, particularly teenagers, almost always begin and end their day in front of a computer or a gadget that they are at risk of being unfit. By having them enter summer camp, they get their fair share of exercise through various outdoor activities.

Learning to be Independent

Every parent wants to teach their children the importance of being independent since they won’t always be around to help out. A summer camp is the perfect place to begin where they will be living independently for a week or more. This teaches them to be independent at an early stage of their adult life.

More Appreciative of Home Comforts

Summer camps are more focused on outdoor activities and less on the comforts that one usually has at home. When your son or daughter comes home from a summer camp, you’ll notice how they are more appreciative of the comforts your home provides.

Since they would probably have shared a room (and even a bathroom) with more than one teenager, they’ll be very appreciative of the privacy they get at home.

So, if you are thinking of something productive for your teenager to do this summer, aside from the usual house chores, why not consider a summer camp? Take the time to search and discuss this plan with your teenager. You want them to have fun…and not feel forced. Here’s to an enjoyable summer!

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The Top 4 RV Parks in the US


Despite all the hustle and bustle of everyday living, and the comforts and convenience of motels and hotels at every state, there is still something to be said about the good old RV trailer. Not only are you granted the privacy that you wish, you also don’t have much to pack up when it’s time to go.

Nowadays, RV enthusiasts are quite happy that they can go wherever and whenever they want without worrying if there is an RV park for them to go to. Whichever US state they wish to visit, there surely is at least one RV park available.

Are you planning to rent exclusive supercars in Rome or go on an RV trip with your family or special someone soon? Here are my top 4 choices for the best RV parks in the US that you might want to check out on your next RV trip.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort

Located in Canton, Texas, Mill Creek Ranch Resort offers both RV Park and Cottages. They have won several prestigious awards for their RV park.

The RV park provides guests with 3 different RV park sites to choose from – the Premium Pull Through, the Standard Pull Through, and the Standard Back In RV sites. Guests will find themselves enjoying more than one amenity including complimentary RV concierge service!

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course

Located within the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California, this award-winning small RV park offers a number of recreational activities including access to a 9-hole golf course.

Golf not your thing? You can check out their tennis court, go fishing, or just sit back and relax in their hot mineral baths. Stargazing at their astronomy park at night would be the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Oak Grove Resort

If you are looking for an RV park where you can take a romantic walk along the beach at the end of the day with your special someone, then the Oak Grove Resort is what you should be looking at.

The park is just a short walking distance from Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan and has been rated as one of the “Top 10 Most Romantic Parks in the US” by MotorHome Magazine.

Guests can choose between Premium and Standard sites. They also have access to a heated swimming pool, whirlpool, playground, and basketball court. If none of these entice you, how about going fishing, biking, or boating?

Zion River Resort

Both an RV park and a campground, the Zion River Resort is located in Virgin, Utah. The resort has been designed to accommodate any RV trailer size.

The Zion River Resort is the perfect spot if you wish to visit Zion National Park, Grand Canyon North Rim, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and other popular tourist destinations in Utah.

The resort provides guests with more than one amenity that guarantees their stay to be a memorable one. Their Guest Service center is a business center, store and gift shop in one that provides you all the good stuff that you would need.

If you don’t own an RV trailer, all of the abovementioned resorts also have accommodations for non-RV guests. This is especially great if you are looking to get on a Miami vacation with a Maserati luxury car rental. Have fun!

2018 Top 4 Tour Operators in the US


If you’re looking to find a new outdoor activity venue to visit, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled the top 4 tour operators in the US from Trip Advisor based on customer reviews. Check it out!

Soaring Cliffs Zip Line Course

Soaring Cliffs Zip Line Course

Soaring Cliffs Zip Line Course is located in Hocking Hills at Rockbridge, Ohio. The zipline course is fully equipped with an automated braking system and visitors get launched and land on the ground making it one of the most unique experiences for ziplining in the US.

Visitors are always assisted by two of the best guides to guarantee that an expert is available to take care of all the technical details during their zipline activity. Each visitor gets to visit ten ziplines during the booked tour.

With more than 250 acres of gorge and sandstone cliffs, seasonal waterfalls, and wide array of ecology, each visitor is guaranteed an experience that makes them want to come back for more. After all, a 99% excellent review from visitors can’t be wrong, right?

Raft One

Raft One

This outdoor travel operator has more than one activity for visitors to check out but the most notable is whitewater rafting on the Ocoee river in Tennessee. The river is so fast that it hosted the 1996 Olympic canoeing slalom competitions.

Professionals and seasoned Ocoee River guides accompany each group of visitors to guarantee that they fully enjoy their whitewater rafting experience while doing a bit of sightseeing.

Newbies to whitewater rafting need not worry. Your guide is there for a reason and they’ll let you know what to do. Visitors have rated their experience with this tour operator as 96% excellent.

Na Pali Experience

Na Pali Experience

If you are visiting Hawaii, why not check out the Na Pali Experience that is a small family owned business that only operates throughout the summer season.

Guests are treated to a 5-hour private tour of Na Pali on a boat that is small enough to enter and visit all of the sea caves. Imagine just how beautiful these sea caves would be if the outside landscape is anything to go by.

Each tour can only accommodate up to 6 passengers, which is why tours can be fully booked up to 3 tours in advance. Book a tour in advance to see why 96% of their guests gave them an excellent review.

Outdoor Adventure Rafting


Outdoor Adventure Rafting or OAR is another tour company that specializes in whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. And if that isn’t enough, you and your group can try Ocoee River Tubing.

If you are a group of up to 10 people and have little ones with you, Ocoee River Tubing would be your best choice. You don’t get to do it all on your own.

OAR’s guides are there to keep an eye on your group to guarantee that everyone has a good time while being safe. With 95% excellent reviews from OAR guests, this is one tour operator that is worth checking out.

Ready for your next adventure? Get your gear ready and let’s go!

Top 5 Best Camping Gear for 2018


Are you planning to replace your old camping gear? Is this your first time to go camping only want the best gear to bring along? Read on for my top 5 recommendations.

Flashlight – Anker LC90 LED

Flashlight - Anker LC90 LED

The Anker LC90 LED Flashlight is a waterproof, rechargeable, adjustable, powerful, and solidly built flashlight that ranks high on my list. It has 5 settings and a zoomable feature that makes it perfect for any time that you need to use a flashlight.

The company offers customers an 18-month warranty on their product and available at Amazon for only $26. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

FKANT Waterproof Solar Charger

FKANT Waterproof Solar Charger

This charger is compatible with GoPro cameras, smartphones, tablets, and GPS. It has built-in charging status indicator lights and can even double as an emergency flashlight.

Consumers also love the FKANT waterproof solar charges due to its water- and shock-resistant features. It is quite compact and lightweight that makes it a great camping gear. The charge is available at Amazon for $32.

LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter

If you ever went camping or hiking before, you know what it means if you ran out of water and are miles away from the nearest potable water source.

This steel personal water filter has a 2-stage filtration that filters about 99.9% of bacteria and parasites from any fresh water source, which surpasses EPA standards for water filtration. It also doesn’t require batteries or chemicals for it to work.

If that doesn’t get you motivated, how about the fact that it has been used globally for humanitarian relief under extreme conditions? It wasn’t voted as Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year for nothing. You can get your own via Amazon at $50.

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Set

MalloMe Camping Cookware Mess Kit Bug Out Bag Cooking Equipment Set

If you hate having to bring bulky cookware for hiking or camping, then you’ll love this cookware set from MalloMe. If you are looking for a mess kit for one to two persons, this is just what you should be looking at.

The kit includes a non-stick pot with heat-resistant handle, non-stick pan, two bowls, one lid, spork, spatula, soup spoon, travel bag, and cleaning loofah. A bonus recipe guide is included. A great deal at Amazon starting from $35.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Watch

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Watch

If you love engaging in outdoor activities, this versatile watch is a great item to consider. It is made of durable stainless-steel bezel with sapphire glass, resistant to abrasion, water-resistant up to 100 meters, long-lasting, and has GPS functionality.

This watch is compatible with both iOS and Android. It can be connected to Garmin’s ConnectIQ app for a more personalized use.

At a selling price on Amazon starting from $550, it is a bit pricey. However, its multifunction use for any outdoor activity makes it worth the money you spend.

Overall, I chose these five products not just because they are the perfect camping gear (for me at least) for 2018 but they can also be used outside any camping activity.

Do you have your own top five list? I’d love to hear from you!

A Brief Overview of the Kickapoo River


The Kickapoo River, located in Wisconsin, USA, is a gentle, meandering river that flows past a diverse array of vegetation and along sandstone bluffs. It consists of about 500,000 acres of Monroe, Crawford, Richland, and Vernon counties, and contains more than 500 miles of streams.

It is under the care of the Kickapoo Valley Reservethat is located in the middle Kickapoo sub watershed. The Kickapoo River has been identified as one of the most accessible and beautiful rivers that is enjoyed by the public.

Geologists have even suggested that it is the oldest river system in the world that can be found outside Antarctica. Experts have identified the Kickapoo River as the perfect example of an entrenched dendritic river system.

A valley has been carved by the river over a period of centuries that varies from less than a mile wide to a very narrow gap at some areas. The Kickapoo River is fed by a number of tributaries and smaller streams. The river is kept cool all-year round due to the presence of free-flowing wells and springs.

As beautiful as the Kickapoo River may sound and look, it also has its fair share of danger. During and after a heavy amount of rainfall, the river does rise quickly which makes flooding a common occurrence.

The most dangerous conditions would be when log or debris jams occur. With the high number of trees alongside the river, log jams are a natural occurrence.

Visitors are warned to be careful if they plan to go portaging or swimming. The deep pools with very strong currents, cool water temperature, and hidden logs can prove hazardous even to the most expert individual.

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve does have information that they provide visitors with regards to the conditions of the river as well as a guide to help determine if the area is safe or not for canoeing or kayaking.

If you plan to go canoeing or kayaking at the Kickapoo River any time soon, you’ll be happy to know that the Kickapoo Valley Reserve website has a river guide that you can access and download at home to help you plan ahead.

The guide contains information on the approximate river distances and paddle time, including the area of the river where you are under the Kickapoo Valley Reserve jurisdiction or if you are already under the jurisdiction of the Wildcat Mountain State Park.

Over the most recent years, Kickapoo River water quality has greatly improved. Several studies conducted on the river showed that it is home to 31 species of fish. Three of the five tributaries are known as excellent spots for trout fishing particularly, brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

Quite recently, the Kickapoo Valley Reserve along with other local business and organizations has launched the Paddler Pick Up program as an initiative to clean up the Kickapoo River.

Basically, people who will be canoeing or kayaking in the river are provided with red mesh bags where they can put trash in. The collected trash is then sorted at boat landing and the red mesh bags can be hung to dry and ready for reuse by the next paddler.

Are you up for a visit to the Kickapoo River?

4 Reasons to Visit Kickapoo Valley Reserve


The Kickapoo Valley Reserve, named after the Indian Tribe Kickapoo,  is more than a piece of nature that can be found in Wisconsin, USA. It lies between Wildcat Mountain State Park and La Farge comprising about 8,600 acres of land in Vernon County.

The Kickapoo River flows from Monroe County through the counties of Vernon, Richland, and Crawford. Bounded by beautiful scenic bluffs, hills, and rock outcroppings, the river ends at the Wisconsin River near Wauzeka.

If you haven’t visited this wonderful reserve just yet, read on to see the reasons why you should set some time for a visit soon.

Hiking Trails


The Kickapoo Valley Reserve has quite an extensive system of old trails that are perfect for hikers, bikers, and even equestrians.

Visitors are allowed to go on a hike on all trails throughout the year while trails for bikers and equestrians are generally open to the public from 1 May to 15 November.

One thing to note is that there are instances that the bike and equestrian trails may be closed for the day (or days) depending on the amount of rainfall and weather conditions since the last rainfall occurred.

Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping


Except for a buffer area around buildings of about 300 feet, the Kickapoo Valley Reserve is also perfect for fishing, hunting, and trapping enthusiasts.

Hunters can find themselves hunting for turkey, pheasant, small game, and white tail deer at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Trappers are given the opportunity to trap for beaver, muskrat, and other mammals while fishing enthusiasts can indulge themselves in trout fishing.

If you or any of your companions plans to engage in any of these activities, you should be aware of all the rules and regulations as indicated by Wisconsin law to avoid any problems.

Canoeing or Kayaking


One of the favorite rivers by canoe and kayak enthusiasts would be the Kickapoo River, which locally translates to the name crooked river. It is the perfect example of what is known as an entrenched dendritic river system.

The shallow and gently flowing Kickapoo River meanders along a 125-mile course that both beginners and experts can enjoy.

Just like any other river, the Kickapoo River can rapidly change water levels depending on the amount of rainfall. Visitors who wish to go canoeing or kayaking are encouraged to check with the Kickapoo Valley Reserve office representative for the current condition of the river before they embark on their journey.



If you love camping, then you’ll be happy to know that the Kickapoo Valley Reserve provides about 25 sites as primitive camping locations for campers. You’ll get to enjoy the full camping experience too since burning dead and downed wood found on the Kickapoo Valley Reserve is allowed.

To preserve the beauty of Kickapoo Valley Reserve, all guests are requested to leave no trace of their visit. Leaving, burning, or burying one’s trash is not acceptable. If you plan to go camping, please bring your own set of trash bags so you can bring your trash back with you for proper disposal.

If these 4 activities do not scream Kickapoo Valley Reserve as “The Perfect Vacation Venue” for a nature lover, then I don’t know what else would be.

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