Luxury Accommodation & Car Rentals

Stay with us a while. Relive the day while a fragrant campfire works its magic on your heart. Then dream the night away in one of our 6 knotty pine cabins, in your RV, or in your tent overlooking the stream. When you lazily open your eyes, watch the morning fog tickling the sun’s nose, or hope to catch a glimpse of the whitetail deer as they glide down to the creek to drink. A lovely way to end the day…and begin.
Find yourself renewed and revitalized. Experience the rhythms of the nomad river. Feel the hurry and stress slip noiselessly from your shoulders. Take your time.

Follow the wandering river, going its whimsical way, first trotting along in one direction, then shruggng its shoulders and galloping off in another, chasing its own tail back and forth down thru the valley of the Kickapoo. Get away in a silver canoe or a candy colored kayak . . . for an hour or a day. Or let the winding roads lead you to discover soaring ridges, shadow pooled hollows, unique treasures and foods.

Take in the many festivals celebrated all year round. Crooked River Resort is truly in the heart of it all.

You can also rent luxury vehicles from us with reputable agencies from all around the world. Simply ask our staff for more details. Hiring a luxury car can turn your trip into something amazing! BMW, Ferrari, Porsche and many more models are available.